Cigars have long been known as a classic status symbol. They have been around for ages and have been enjoyed by many, but did you know these interesting cigar facts?

1. The Origin of the Cigar
The exact origin of the cigar has yet to have been proven. However, many believe that the cigar was invented by the ancient Mayan civilization who were known to have tightly wrapped their tobacco in palm or plantain leaves.

In fact, the word “cigar” originated from the Mayan verb “sikar” which means, “to smoke.” The verb also influenced the Spanish noun for a cigar, “cigarro”.

2. Different Tastes
There are many different tastes and flavors to be discovered in cigars, depending on a number of factors: the wrapping, the tobacco leaves themselves, and the aging process. For example, cigars with a Connecticut Shade wrapping often have an earthy, grassy or woody taste while cigars with Corojo wrappings have more of a pepper flavor to them. You may also pick up fruity notes, hints of nut flavors, chocolate, coffee, caramel, and even leather flavors in cigars.

Like wines, cigars also have categories that describe how they feel in your mouth. For example, like dry wines, a dry cigar might dry out your mouth and teeth when smoked. Another example are the chewy cigars describing a “chewy” texture you may have in your mouth when smoking this type of cigar.

3. Ybor City, Florida
Considered for many years as the Cigar Capital of the World, Ybor City, now a small section of Tampa, Florida, was once the hub of the cigar industry. In the 1880s, many immigrants who came to Ybor City from Spain, Italy, Germany and Cuba, got involved in the revolution of cigar production and trade.

While the cigar business has died down significantly in Ybor City, the past is still very much the present in this small town. A walk down the main road is like a walk back in time, as not much has changed. Original street lamps, brick sidewalks, and historic buildings still stand today.

4. Cigars May Be Enjoyed – Anywhere, Anytime!
Before embarking on his first high-altitude flight, Winston Churchill took his love for cigars to the next level as he requested that he be provided with an oxygen mask, created especially for him, in order to accommodate cigar smoke. Wouldn’t you know, during his flight, Churchill was smoking away, high up in the sky!