For the best views, brews, and fresh seasonal menu, look no further than Noble Hops, Tucson’s original gastropub.

But what do we mean by referring to Noble Hops as a gastropub? Is it really all that different from a “regular” pub?

In short… yes, the gastropub has evolved considerably from its humble pub roots. But gastropubs have also kept in touch with those elements of the pub-style dining that have made it a favorite the world over. For more on how exactly the gastropub does this, keep reading…

Some Pub History

The pub, short for public house, has been a village mainstay of European civilizations all the way back to Roman times. It served as a community hub where residents could gather and discuss public events, personal opinions, or simply loiter and watch the world go by. But unlike the cafe and its emphasis on coffees and teas, the pub’s primary fare consisted of beers, wines and other alcoholic beverages. Many pubs even operated adjoining shops for residents to buy general goods, while others founded their own breweries to offer house specialties. Some of Europe’s oldest alcoholic beverage companies started out as the house brand of a pub. So early pubs focused primarily on alcoholic beverages, with food often being relegated to a supporting role in the form of meager snacks or “pub fare.” Many of our modern pub favorites—shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, bangers and mash (sweet sausage and mashed potatoes)—actually started out as fairly modest meals for pubs’ primarily working-class patrons.

Enter The Gastropub

In the 1980s and ‘90s, pubs began to reposition themselves as purveyors of edibles as diverse and flavorful as their robust assortment of beverages. And finally in London, a centuries-long pub destination for locals and tourists alike, the first self-declared gastropub debuted in 1991. In addition to fine tuning and experimenting with traditional pub favorites, gastropubs have continued to push the envelope of what can constitute pub cuisine. In the process, they’ve attracted a new batch of modern diners to new flavors and traditional favorites of pub dining, while also rekindling pub interest among lifetime connoisseurs.

Noble Hops: Tucson’s Original Gastropub

Since spring of 2011, Noble Hops has taken the gastropub’s basic premise and run with it, crafting a truly unique Tucson dining experience. We offer appetizing and refreshing takes on perennial pub favorites, like our Bavarian pretzels or classic British bangers and mash. We’ve also brought the pub into the 21st century with dishes like our seared diver scallops and Greek-spiced salmon, and appetizers like our Pork and Peppers tapas and Greco Frites. But we consider our crowning gastronomic achievement to be our rotating seasonal menu, which offers an array of nutritious and delectable local fare (see our other blogs for more on our seasonal menu).

If a more traditional pub experience is what you seek, don’t worry: we haven’t forgotten the pub’s roots as an establishment of fine alcoholic beverages. In addition to our enviable beer menu of over 175 world beers, our menu makes meal and beverage pairing suggestions for the perfect pub combinations, so what are you waiting for? Visit us at our Oro Valley location today!